PDF Interview with 176 curator Ellen Mara De Wachter

Works within the show

London Stile
Heritage English Elm, planed Ash and Reclaimed Pine, Patched steel brackets, cut and polished glass.

BT Ariel
Archival Ink C-type print, Diasec framed, A0

Interior Swimming
Archival Ink C-type print, Diasec framed, A0

Polly Planket
Joined pine, routered and bevelled. Spray coated in Satin Emulsion.

Gonzo Girls
Felt tip pen and acrylic paint on lining paper, 2010 to forever

C-type Print, Diasec Framed

Southwark Järpen Palms
Reclaimed Ikea shelving unit, Nail polish

“Rough Travel Hotlist 2013" Image by Stephen Draycott
Reversable handout with commissioned texts by Lily Patten, Nina Cristante, Cecily Bates, Hadiru Mahdi, Simina Neagu

'ex pat' Sunday lunch based grans recipe

Lamb in the oven
Gigantes Plaki
Rhubarb Crumble

With special thanks to Kelly Large, Ellen Mara De Wachter, Stephen Draycott, Ky Rice, Lewis Dalton Gilbert and Charlie Audsley

Felt tip pen and acrylic paint A0 C-type print, Diasec framed A0, C-type print, Diasec framed C-type Print, Diasec Framed Reclaimed Ikea shelf, Nail Polish  Spray coated in Satin Emulsion